Failure to comply is cause for forfeiture of mooring.

1. Mooring space will become available the third week in May. The mooring buoys will be removed the second week in October. Early and late arrivals and departures may use the town pier at a moderate expense.

2. Mooring fees must be paid annually by the 15th of January. Remit to the Town of Gibraltar. Current title, registration and insurance must be in the name of the mooring holder and submitted with annual fees.

3. A mooring holder will have from the time of mooring assignment until the following February 28th to obtain an appropriately sized boat for the mooring. If a boat is not obtained the mooring will be reassigned.

4. There are 3 commercial facility uses designations for the anchorage area. If you plan to or would like to run commercially the following are required: The appropriate Coast Guard license for what you are doing, payment of commercial facility fee and proof of commercial insurance.

5. Mooring inspections are the responsibility of the mooring holder. The Harbor Commission requires mooring inspections a minimum of every 3 years. At the time of inspection the tackle must be lifted, documented with pictures and an inspection form completed. Failure to provide proof of mooring inspection and photograph will result in the forfeiture of the mooring.

6. Mooring buoys are subject to Department of Natural Resources inspection and shall meet the following requirements as stated in NR 5.09, Uniform Aids to Navigation, Mooring Buoys: “They shall extend 18 inches above the waterline, be white in color with a blue band clearly visible above the waterline, and they should be spherical or ovate in shape.” Each buoy must have your name or mooring number painted clearly on it.

7. Non-regulation buoys will be replaced at the owner’s expense.

8. Mooring ground tackle must be kept in proper order at the mooring holder’s expense set to Harbormaster’s guidelines. The following anchor weights and chain size minimum standards are hereby adopted:

A. Minimum Anchor Weights B. Minimum Chain Size

1. Up to 25 foot boat 300# 3/8 inch diameter

2. 25 to 40 foot boat 500# 1/2 inch diameter

3. 40 foot and over 750# 1/2 inch diameter

9. Upon written notification of non-compliant mooring tackle the mooring holder has 30 days to bring the mooring to required standards.

10. The placement of ice stakes is not required since the town removes all floating obstructions in the anchorage at the end of each season.

11. There will be no commercial use of the town pier unless a commercial slip is rented on a seasonal basis.

12. Only the boat registered will be allowed on the mooring and must match the pre-determined mooring size.

13. There is a 30-day minimum stay on the mooring per year.

14. Boat owners who acquire a larger boat will have to reapply for a larger mooring space to comply with the regulated dimensions.

15. Mooring holders will be granted one vacant season.

16. There will be no subletting of mooring space in the anchorage area.

17. Moored boats will be granted two hours of free docking at the municipal pier when available.

18. There is no swimming permitted at the Town Dock per Ordinance #88-4.