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The Town of Gibraltar does hereby adopt this ordinance amending Ordinance 89-3 in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes and specifically Chapters 60, 66 and 30.


Ordinance 89-3 is hereby amended to contain the following provisions:


ARTICLE V Section 13. Annual Registration for the Mooring of Boats, is amended by striking the following sentence: 

            The fee shall also include the right of the use of a dinghy rack, use of toilet facilities, use of garbage disposal containers, and the use of parking facilities. 


ARTICLE V Section 13. Annual Registration for the Mooring of Boats, is amended by adding the following sentence: 

            Use of the dinghy rack and other facilities have additional fees separate from the mooring fee, as determined seasonally by the Lessor.


ARTICLE V Regulations Concerning Anchoring, Mooring and Security of Vessels, is amended by renumbering the existing Section 25 to Section 26, and adding the following new section: 

            Section 25.  Laws and Regulations.  The Lessee agrees to observe and obey during the term          of this lease all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations promulgated by the Lessor, and by other   proper governmental authority having jurisdiction over the conduct of operations at the Fish Creek Town Dock.


The remainder of Ordinance 89-3 shall continue in full force and effect in all respects not inconsistent with the foregoing.  This amendment shall supersede any prior inconsistent ordinance or resolution of the Town Board for the Town of Gibraltar.


BE IT RESOLVED that the foregoing amendatory ordinance be adopted and shall become effective on passage and publication.


PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the Town of Gibraltar on the 6th day of May, 2009. 


Published on: May 12, 2009


Attested by:    Sharon L. Kellner, Clerk


Sharon L. Kellner

Town of Gibraltar, Clerk                                                                 

Merrell P. Runquist, Town Chairman                                          Myrvin Somerhalder, Town Supervisor

Richard Skare, Town Supervisor                                                     Brian Merkel, Town Supervisor

Steven Sohns, Town Supervisor